...here we go again

Ughh vacation’s over and it feels like I just got out yesterday from INTEC. As usual, there’s still so much I wanted to do before returning to another trimester; I have loads of books to read, lots of movies to see, many things to put in order, errands to run, and a whole lot of things to do. Yet I enjoyed myself very much in this past two weeks, so why just focus on the things left undone?

On these two past weeks I slept a lot, I watched many movies [some very unfulfilling as “We Own the Night”, “World Trade Center”, “Butterfly Effect 3” (which was ridiculously lame), and some others which title I can’t even remember. Others good enough like “Taken” and (I know it’ll sound weird :S jejeje) but I saw the complete Harry Potter Saga (I mean, the 5 films there are so far) for the first time (I had only seen the first one when it came out) and I absolutely loved it, it’s a pretty good and charming story (thanks to Alannah for lending me the DVDs!)], I also spent time with my family (grandma, cousins, aunts and uncles…), regular friends and old friends from high school, I watched the two seasons of “Californication” (and liked it a lot) and started watching “House M.D” (and I’m loving it so far), I also listened to music with the sweet freedom you can feel when there’s no test waiting for you the next day, or the day after that, I celebrated my crazy cousin’s birthday, I got in the Metro, I went to ‘La Feria del Libro” and got drenched, I watched and laughed with “Friends”, “Two and a Half Man” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” two hours a day :S, I also enjoyed my mom and grandma’s delicious food and I danced in the shower like I hadn’t in a long time XD

These days were very refreshing and relaxing for me after a long hard trimester, I do missed my friends being away for so long: Anny’s mess blowing my mind (jeje, she knows I love her like crazy), Patricia’s witty remarks, Hide’s crazy craziness, Nelia’s arrivals, Alannah’s struggle to convince me of doing something :P (Love you!), Endrys’s longs conversations with me, the guys’ amusing visits (do I really have to say your names for you to know who you are?) and just the daily stuff happening in that crazy apartment of us. Luckily I had my fair share of Cullen and Pattinson dose which I can now enjoy in peace without classes in mind and have helped me with the ‘missing’ thing :P (jejeje), and well, my 8th trimester is just starting today so I’ll just keep on enjoy the little moments while they last.


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