Neverland will always be the land of beaty and joy

My mom and dad came to visit me this morning along with my hilarious uncle and quiet aunt, the visit  was brief cause they had a conference to go somewhere in the city, but they came by. My mom immediately checked the plant’s survival under my watch, my dad fixed my shower, my uncle made funny remarks about everything he could, and my dad and mom brought me breakfast from this former-little-diner-now-big-sort-of-road-restaurant that we always used to stop by and have breakfast in our way to Santo Domingo, and that I absolutely loved. 

Today, as they left, and I stayed home alone eating my old familiar breakfast, a wave of emotions and memories stroke me. I felt lonely and found myself longing for those times when every big thing and decision was up to them, when my life wasn’t coming to a moment when big determinant decisions were have to be made by no one else but me, when I didn’t have to worry of not knowing exactly what I wanted for my future, cause it was too far away; I yearned those little moments of breakfast together before papi drove us to school, those night talks before going to bed, those visits to my adorable and perfect grandfather [who now watches over me from heaven] and grandmother, those stress-free afternoons of watching TV, playing around and just being that happy naïve little girl. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy with what my life is now, is just that looking back I realize how fortunate I was and how little I knew it.  And I know people nowadays are happier as farther away they are from their parents, but I really miss mine and I wish they could be [geographically] closer to me. Those two human beings have given everything they have for me and my sisters to have everything we need and much more, and I don’t think we give them back as much. 

I feel more than fortunate with my family and life, but I don’t think we, people in general, are aware of how good our lives are and how we shouldn’t be always complaining about insignificant little things or things we cannot change. After all the memories and all the longing this morning, I actually felt better afterwards, knowing that those amazing moments I have lived [and that I will always have with me], have ultimately led me to where I am right now.
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